we make stuff we think is cool
Killer Squid Creations we make stuff we think is cool

With decades of experience developing software, building multi-scale hardware components, and designing/printing/detailing models we've developed a bit of a knack for making complex projects fast and easy.

  • - 25+ years in applications development
  • - 10+ years in Arduino/Raspberry Pi/other microcontroller development
  • - Multiple printing techniques available
  • - Sed viverra arcu non nisi efficitur

Software/Hardware Development

From Learning Management Systems to inventory control to .... whatever you need- custom development is our bag. Enterprise level to single user (servers too!) we've done it all.

Custom 3D Printing

Board game pieces, models, busts, doo-dads... we love printing stuff!
With multiple FDM and UV-curable resin options available we're set for almost any job.

Model Design/Production

Need a custom model? That character, image, or idea that you want to get from your head and into the physical world? Contact us to see how our artists can help achieve your dream.


How about creating prototypes for your project or next big idea? We've got you there, too! Customized toys, whatsits, game components, machine parts... whatever your idea is we can help.

In summer of 2021 we partnered with 21 Century Remote and Distance Learning to build a to-spec Learning Management System to provide online learning to over 100,000 New Mexico high school students. Demo the application here

Killer Squid recently paired with a local boardgame designer to produce components for their up-coming game. Custom ships, coins and dice as well as 'papercraft'-style 3D cardstock components... Check out the work here

Early 2021 we were commissioned by a local toy photographer to build custom furniture models to recreate the famous interrogation scene from Christopher Nolans The Dark Knight. Check them out here

We're constantly getting requests to customize, paint, and detail various models.
View a few of our favourites here

Greenhouse monitoring and controlling system with individual plant moisture meters, ambient temperature and humidity monitoring and control, and cycle-based light control for up to 6 1,000 Watt LED grow lights

We make stuff we think is cool... whatever that may be.

Dan Kaufman (Founder, Killer Squid Creations) gained an interest in programming and computers in middle school (circa 1990)- when he created a 10 second animation written in BASIC. Decades of random hobbies, interests, and careers- from software development to robotics to model design and printing to rocketry to Raspberry Pi and Arduino-based hardware development- culminated in 2018 into our company.

Enterprise web applications developers by trade, we love to get under the hood and see how things work and, hopefully, how to make them better. Or cooler.

We also spent countless hours as children hunkered over the kitchen table assembling whatever Revell model we had just gotten. When 3D printing began to become more accessible (and, frankly, better quality) we jumped at the opportunity to begin creating, printing, and painting/detailing anything that came to mind.

Circa 2016 we began our journey into Linux servers and systems, Raspberry Pi and Arduino-based hardware development, and web application server build and deployments.

All of this barely scratches our full list of services. Boardgame component design and development, custom prototyping ideation and production... Hell, we even have a few Emmy nominations for regional video production under our belts.

Got a burning quesiton or just ready to build you dream? We're ready!

Killer Squid Creations

Corrales, New Mexico, USA

Founder: Dan Kaufman


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